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Debora Dantus, LMSW 

As a Clinical Social therapist, I have greatly improved the lives of children and their families by understanding that each family and child is unique. Prior to becoming an MSW therapist, I worked for 15+ years as a Montessori teacher guiding the development of children. This experience allows me to address children's academic and emotional needs. 

I have expert knowledge on the developmental stages of children and I have worked with hundreds of families. I believe that with children "sooner is better than later." With love, dedication and guidance children can develop into responsible individuals capable of making positive choices.

                                                                 Coming from a family of six and being a mother of three has helped me to better understand the sometimes complex issues of parenthood.  My zest for reading, research and years of working with families have provided me with keen insight into human nature, and cultural diversity. I received my bachelors degree from USC in education and my masters degree from MSU in clinical social work.


Carol Way, LMSW

I am happy to meet and partner with you.  As an individual and family therapist I witness positive change and growth is always possible for you and those you love.  I provide just the right amount of support, nurtured insight and skill development to help you get on and stay on track.  I have both strong clinical skill and heart for assisting children, adults and families with a wide variety of life’s challenges and adjustments.  Depression and anxiety need not rule your lives! 

My rich personal and professional life experience has worked to underscore the respect and the value I place on both human diversity and the common needs, joys, and desires that bind us together.  I would love to help you navigate the difficult chapters in your life and your work toward a future that resonates with your personal goals, beliefs and values.  My extensive therapy experience with individuals, youth, and  families;  my 15+ years of experience providing clinical oversight of dozens of therapists and on hundreds of therapy cases;  my contributions to the development and supervision of  specialized trauma and traumatic stress programing;  and my having been a longtime proponent and trainer of strength based therapy, put  me in an excellent position to do just that.


 Rachelle Baerman-Skief, LMSW

I am very excited to work with you! I have many years of experience working with children and families assisting them to build a life worth living for them and facing challenges in life with strategies and techniques that work for them. 

I really enjoy working with adolescents, college students and adults. I am specifically trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) but also have years of training in Strength Based Therapy, working with depressed and anxious individuals and individuals with a trauma history.  

I am a graduate of Michigan State University and received my M.S.W from The Ohio State University. I am a single parent of two teenagers and I am also an adult adoptee and enjoy working with anyone involved in the adoption triad.  We love to attend music concerts, sporting events, hanging out playing cards and giggling.  I look forward to meeting you soon!! 

Constansia Maundu-Pajak, LPC

Bio and Pic Coming Soon! 

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